I strive to make art that balances beauty and unease. I delight in imagining what may be hidden below the ground or lurking under the water’s surface. My work is inspired by a childhood spent wandering the beaches and woods of Vashon Island and I have a deep love of nature that leaks into all my art. 

My art is meant to be enjoyed during the day and night. It is especially lovely on a quiet rainy evening. I invite you to row a boat to an unknown shore, slip under the waves, follow a stranger through a forest, explore the details of nature, and remember the strength of your roots.  

My writing explores similar themes. You can read one of my short stories entitled "The Return" in the Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, Issue 2.4 - Fall 2017.

Here are some ways to say hello and find out what I’m working on. Commissions are gladly considered.

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Things taste better with tiny forks.