Again, my dear alphabet.
From roots to saplings to branches.
Falling like leaves
Masking what waited below the surface
My buried pet,
My forgotten anger,
My abandoned other half.

I heard your call
Or was it my hollowness finally catching up with me?
You've been my favorite ghost
All these years.
A passing shadow,
A winter storm,
The curl of someone's lips.

Guilt and regret: the most useless of feelings.

On the edge of an ancient fire,
Under the stars,
Worn down by insomnia,
I remembered.
Allowed myself to unlock the box in my head.
A tumbled mess of apologies and gratitude came spilling out,
Falling from the brittle branches. 

Their fall is uncharted.
Down the rabbit hole, I go.
Passing letters, notes, lines, quips.
Listening to the echo of the ellipses.
Awakening numb synapses,
Fusing old cracks,
Piecing inspiration slowly back together.
Again, my dear alphabet, again.